Saturday, October 20, 2018

2018, first tomatoes

It's almost Show Day!

These are some of the varieties that you'll find on our Salamanca stall, site 204, out from Maldini, in the middle row, this weekend, with more to follow next weekend.
Please bring your baskets, and we love our pots back, we've used no new nursery plastic in 9 years thanks to you!

Violet Jasper
Chinese cultivar with delicious purple, red-striped, cherry-sized fruit. Full-flavoured & productive. Staking variety.

 Black Cherry
Cherry tomato with dark purplish fruit to 3 cm across, produced in trusses on tall vigorous plant.
Sweet, juicy flesh with a rich flavour.
Reliable with high yields. Really delicious!! Staking variety.

 Black Krim
 Beautifully rich-flavoured purple/black fruit. 
Medium to large, flattish shape. Staking variety.

 Deutsche Fleiss

German heirloom, easily grown, high yielding variety. Red, 3-5cm fruit that look deceptively like a supermarket tomato but are one of the tastiest salad tomatoes I’ve grown. Fruit are firm and store well. Semi determinate - short staking variety.

Juicy, green, beefsteak-type fruit with clean, bright flavor. Skin gets a gold tone & softens to the touch when ripe. Staking variety.


Fat, richly flavoured field type, from George the market gardener near Margate. Prolific bush variety, I use up-turned pots to keep the heavily fruiting branches off the ground.

 Golden Nugget

Super early, with sweet, 2cm, yellow fruit. Prolific bush variety, always the first to ripen in our garden, split resistant and a lovely size.

 Japanese Black Trifele

Stunning, medium/large pear-shaped ‘black’ fruit with rich flavour. Productive and reliable.
Staking variety.

Leicester Jones
Bred by a Tasmanian naturopath, perfect for our conditions. Delicious, large, pink/red, ridged fruit. Low acid and high flesh to seed ratio.

 Maltese Black

A staking type bought to Tasmania
from Malta some years ago. It produces terrific crops of beautifully curvaceous, large red fruit that are great fresh, and make for delicious sauces.

 PĂȘche Jaune

Gorgeous gold, French tomato with slightly furry skin and a pink blush. Fruit to 4cm across - deliciously fruity bright, clean flavour.

Red Fig
American heirloom, originally grown for drying & winter eating it is also delicious fresh and so productive we often use it in our sauces. Staking variety.

Rouge de Marmande
French heirloom, sets fruit even in cool seasons. Medium size, irregular shape, rich flavor, perfect for salads or cooking. Short staking variety.

Czechoslovakian heirloom, cold tolerant, with abundant sweet 2-3 inch red fruit. Hardy, delicious and productive. Our most productive here, early, delicious and cold tolerant.

 Sweet Bite
Tasty, red cherry tomato. Produces heavy crops of small, sweet fruit on large trusses. Disease resistant and fast growing, staking variety.

We also have Tommy Toe, Yellow Pear, Yellow Stuffer, Schmiegg Creg, Jaune Flamme - a favourite, and many, many more.

Some are in limited numbers so please be early, and there are yet more varieties, and second runs of some of these that will be ready in the coming weeks. There is still plenty of time to get your tomatoes in!