Tuesday, August 17, 2010



When does something like this begin? With the first inkling of an idea? The first hour of work to set things in motion? Registering the business name, or lodging a BAS? The first seedling to germinate? The sinking of the spade to turn the first sod, first order, first sale?

I'm going to go with now.

It begins now.

Snow dusted Betts Hill,
the view from my potting bench. Lucky me!
The hothouse is built, the possums are hopefully fenced out (not laughing at my efforts from the nearby forest!) and I've committed to a proper grown-up site at the farmers market for Spring. I've got a great job lined up with the Geilston Bay Landcare group, and have met some fantastic chefs, including my own wonderful live-in-chef, who have inspired me to grow lots of beautiful, interesting, unusual and healthy food plants. And I've got a swag of local native seed ready to sow for those of you who live in West Hobart, the Glebe or Sandy Bay and want to bring the local wildlife into your gardens. So here's some pics of what's happened here so far. Please pop on your optimistic, potential-seeing, rose tinted glasses and have a squiz at the soon to be fleshed bones of Provenance Growers!

Please click on any of the images for a bettter view! (especially the borage flower!)

Newly sown Tomatoes

My new toy for making up my own brews of potting mix with organic fertilisers

The mother of my, soon to be, Nettle patch.

Awakening Horseradish
A muddy helper

A planting fairy, very handy to have in the garden!

Tomatoes sown include:

Snow White
Black zebra
Thai pink egg
Black cherry
Red Fig
Yellow cherry
Leicter Jones
George, the only non climbing variety so far, from a Greek market gardener near here, fat, delicious, field type.
These should be available as seedlings from early October (or earlier if the season is kind!) and fresh tomatoes from mid December.

I'll be at the Tas Farm Gate market on Sunday the 29th of August, the 12th of September and the 25th of September.