Monday, January 12, 2015


***News flash! We've a new little article on the Lucky Peach website, check it out!

When you're alone in a field pulling weeds you have time to think. Ideas race around in your head, muses arrive in the form of tree frogs, crumbly earth or freshly pulled radishes glowing in the sunshine. Thoughts pile up in your head, going around and around, morphing, leading to new ideas and, frankly, making you feel a little bonkers. 

Letting these thoughts spill out onto a page clears my mind, a wonderfully cathartic thing to do. Last year on a whim, encouraged by friends and inspired by the wonderful Karen Harrland, who recently won the Finch Prize for her beautiful book Spinifex Baby, I sent some of my writing to Pat Nourse, the features editor for Gourmet Traveller. There was nothing to lose but my dignity, and to my surprise and delight Pat wrote back saying he'd print some of my work. I still pinch myself, and it is a completely surreal feeling seeing my words in print in a publication I've admired for so long.

Then in another beautiful twist I found the last two articles illustrated by Adriana Picker. Her illustrations are stunning and a perfect reflection of our garden. We follow each other on instagram and I recommend you doing the same, her work is sublime.

There is an article in the current January edition of Gourmet about the pleasure of working with Luke Burgess of Garagistes and David Moyle from Franklin, and below are links to the two articles that you can read online.

It's hard for me to believe that people want to read about a garden in the back hills of Tasmania, but I am so very glad they do and I thank them for it. It is wonderful to feel that you have a voice, that our ideas on how to live well are appealing to others, our life is actually quite delicious!

ps. Keep your eyes on the TasWeekend magazine in the Mercury, there may be a little of us in there very soon!