Thursday, October 16, 2014

2014 tomatoes

Here's a quick run down of the tomatoes coming to Farm Gate Market this Sunday. All grown in second hand pots in our house made potting mix using what we consider to be the most sustainable ingredients that grow good plants. Sadly this post is without any ranting or advice because I need to get back out in the garden... 

Be early for the best selection, the market begins at 9am, and bring a box if you can to get your babies home safe. There are more tomato varieties over the coming weeks, and this week we'll have seed potatoes of many varieties, tomatillos, peppers including the addictive and easy to grow Padron, climbing beans, the first of the sweet corn and Black Aztec corn (only a few of these), a few zucchini and squashes, beautiful lettuces and dozens more delicious plants, along with a big pile of the best produce from our garden. Hope to see you there!

Black Cherry

Not quite ripe 'Tigerella'
Tasmanian Yellow Yellow, beefsteak type, large fruit. Sweet, meaty fruit magnificent sliced in thick slabs for sandwiches. Climbing variety.

Rouge de Marmande French heirloom, sets fruit in cool seasons. Medium size, irregular shape, rich flavor. Short staking variety.

George Fat, richly flavoured field type, from George the market gardener near Margate. Prolific bush variety, I use up-turned pots to keep the fruiting branches off the ground.

Moldovan Green Our most productive and incredibly delicious last season. A beefsteak type that ripens to green with pale areas. Bush type.

Black Krim Gorgeous, purple-black fruit with beautiful rich flavour. Medium to large, flatish shape. Staking.

Deutsche Fleiss German heirloom, easily grown, high yielding variety. Red, 3-5cm fruit that look deceptively like a supermarket tomato but are one of the tastiest salad tomatoes I’ve grown. Fruit are firm and store well. Climbing variety, but tends to grow lower and more bushy than most.

Green Grape Sweet, delicious cherry tomatoes that ripen to a green/gold colour. Complex flavour and a pretty addition to a mixed tomato dish. Extremely productive and ripens on spent plant through winter. Staking.

Tommy Toe Classic cherry tomato. Productive & tasty. Staking variety.

Reisentraube German heirloom. Reliable producer of hundreds of delicious, beautifully flavoured, heart shaped cherry tomatoes that grow in big trusses. Compact but unruly staking variety.

Alisa Craig Reliably yielding Scottish heirloom with delicious, medium sized fruit of great flavor. Suited to eating fresh, the original tomato to serve grilled beside your eggs and bacon. Staking.

Medford Early/mid season variety, 5cm round, red fruit. Vigorous, disease resistant. Rich flavor, staking.

Golden Nugget Early variety with sweet, 2cm, yellow fruit. Prolific bush variety.

Stupice Czechoslovakian heirloom. Early and cold tolerant with abundant sweet 2-3 inch red fruit. Our most productive here. Compact staking variety.

Wapsipinnicon Peach Named after a river in Iowa this American heirloom bears good yields of 4-5cm, delicious, yellow, fuzzy skinned fruit. Bush type, benefits from staking to keep fruit from the ground.

Leicester Jones Bred by a Tasmanian naturopath, perfect for our conditions. Delicious, large, pink, ridged fruit, low acid and high flesh to seed ratio.

Debaro Medium sized, red, egg shaped fruit with smooth skin, to 4cm across and great flavour. Productive.

Tigerella Gorgeous green-red tomato with orange stripes. Small to medium fruit, tangy, firm flesh and incredibly tasty.



Thursday, October 2, 2014

Eggs, again...

This little chick wants us to be able to legally sell her eggs. If you're a Tasmanian resident who enjoys their eggs and supports small scale mixed farms please consider signing our petition to be tabled in parliament in late October. Thank you!