Saturday, November 13, 2010

Feast on flowers!

Ready for market

I believe that if we can make eating a celebration, a ritual of enjoying family, friends, produce and the comforting sensation of a full belly, that good health and happiness will follow. Sitting down together to enjoy something prepared with love, (which is sadly never in the recipe, but is THE most important seasoning) will create a feeling of satisfaction that can never be found in a microwaved thingumy scoffed in front of the tv. And thus satisfied, we may find that the allure of the chips and chocolate lurking in the pantry is lessened, that our kiddies learn to talk with us, have respect for food that will lead to healthier eating habits, and to use  their cutlery, (well I'm still hoping for that one....).

For us, part of that celebration of food is to let the garden fairies help gather and prepare what they are to eat, and to make food look as good as it tastes, because we all taste with our eyes, before our mouths. And flowers are not only a delight to the eye, but each flower has its own unique flavour and texture.

So today we have fossicked about in the garden and put together some of our favourite dinner decorations for tomorrow's market. And, without further ado, here they are!

Pretty in purple

Shungiku and mustard flowers

We are also bringing down our ever growing selection of herb and edible plant seedlings, tomato seedlings and those of the wonderful tomatillo, as well as some lovely Tasmanian native plants and many other delights for your garden or kitchen. Bring your brolly to the 'gate from 9am til 1 this Sunday, the 14th of November, and come and say hi!


  1. Beautiful, Paulette and so true. Can you please tell me what are the larger, yellow and white flowers in the second to bottom photo. I have them in my garden too and,like so much in my inherited garden, I have no idea what they are.

    Persevere with the cutlery.... my 2 sons (22 and 24) are sooooooooo glad we taught them how to eat properly and now they don't look like fools when they eat in company, unlike so many lads and young ladies these days.

  2. ps although you say shungiku flowers under the photo,the flowers in my garden are growing as a ferny kind of mat, covering the ground.

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  4. Thanks Kate!

    They are shungiku flowers in my posy. I got my seed from Phoenix Seeds and they came out in a variety of yellows, some gold, some lemon, some two toned. My owerwintered plants looked a little prostrate (possums perhaps...?) but are now shooting skyward, and they do have feathery foliage. But I wouldn't suggest you eat yours without a positive id, although I think there are loads of edible chrysanthemums put there. If you're curious check it out here . I'm keen to try a Japanese pickle made from the petals this Summer, and the greens add an unusual savoury but floral note to our stirfries. I'll have some shungiku plants at the market in a few weeks. I'll keep you posted.....
    November 14, 2010 2:44 PM

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