Wednesday, January 5, 2011

We really love food

Here, as you may have noticed, we love eating what we grow. 

And so, it seems, do other people. Some of our Cranberry Red and Sapphire potatoes, purple podded peas, edible flowers, Massey peas, broad beans, Warrigal greens and orach, found their way onto some beautiful plates on New Years Eve, prepared so wonderfully, I have to say I feel more than a little chuffed! (Click on the green words to see great photos from Food Tourist)

To find and grow these treasures, then hand them over to be treated so elegantly is truly inspiring and rewarding. To have the chef that is to prepare them come to the garden to see how they are grown. To sample different varieties of peas, and admire edible blooms with him, seems to me be a beautiful closed loop. Grower, chef, diner, with nothing in between. Produce plucked from the earth the day before it is to be cooked. 


......well almost. 

It would have been even better if we'd been there to eat it!

And now we are weeding, brushcutting and mulching madly here, in preparation for a Friday morning visit.

By a super fancy chef from the big smoke! 

What will we give him for morning tea? 

Can we speak with more than a stammer when faced with the prospect of telling our story to a man we admire so? 

We will write more on Friday if we get through it without falling into a swoon! 

Otherwise, we'll be down at the Tas Farm Gate market on the corner of Melville and Elizabeth Streets, this Sunday from 9 till 1 and we'd love to see you!

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